Back Guard  (Rear-end collision shock-absorber for vehicles)

Acquired NETIS Registration Number CB-080027-A
of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
*Shock-absorbing materials can be replaced individually. More products are available apart from the above mentioned. Please feel free to contact us.
Product specifications
Temporary type Fixed type
Product name HS-80W-LT Product name HS-80W-LF
Assumed collision speed 80km Assumed collision speed 80km
Assumed vehicle weight 2.0~4.0ton Assumed vehicle weight 2.0~4.0ton
Weight of main unit 37kg×2 Weight of main unit 95kg
Weight of stay 59kg Weight of stay 12kg
Total weight 133kg Total weight 108kg
Overall    Overall   
Size[W] 660mm Size[W] 1835mm
Size[H] 1055mm Size[H] 470mm
Size[L] 650mm Size[L] 565mm
Shock-absorbing material Aluminum alloy Shock-absorbing material Aluminum alloy
※Stop lamp is optional.
*In the table above, for the vehicles over the range of escape value, adjustment was already finished by changing absorption energy and distortion(300mm->400mm).
*Attachment methods of temporary shock absorbers
Product features

●This is a compact and easy-to-operate (small weight) shock absorber for the signed vehicles and road maintenance vehicles. It was studied and developed to reduce large weight and volume of the conventional shock absorbers.
●We improved the absorption rate to provide compact and small weight products which can be applied to various kinds of vehicles and promote the usage rate of shock absorber. (This product is available for attaching on rental cars as well.)
●This product has excellent recycling property and is free from propagation of the accident and secondary hazards such as spreading fire or scattering the shock-absorption material since it is made of aluminum alloy.
●This shock-absorbing material has high shock-absorbing ability not only for the frontal impact but also for the impact at an angle.

*In general, the equipment is supplied as a set of the main unit and the shock absorbing bumper.
* For vehicles with existing bumpers, only the main unit can be attached.

Base embedded in the ground type Product mounted on the post type Product attached on the guardrail type
Back GuardBack Guard (Retractable in vehicle body type)
Acquired NETIS Registration Number CB-080027-A
of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

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