Shock-absorption materialEIGHT GUARD
Many kinds of application products are available depending on the purpose of the usage and the place of installation.
Acquired NETIS Registration Number CB-080027-A of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.


Aluminum is used as the material of the product. Shock-absorbing capacity is higher than the conventional water bag or sand because of the softness of aluminum. High shock-absorbing capacity is proved by our collision test.
The right graph shows the brief description of the result of our collision test. The impact was smaller with EIGHT GUARD compared to the impact without EIGHT GUARD.
Aluminum is strong against corrosion such as the rust and deterioration due to aging. It does not evaporate like water. So it has high durability for a long period of time as a shock-absorbing material. Aluminum is flame-resistant and does not scatter like water or sand. So it can prevent secondary hazards such as slip accidents.


In order to provide high shock-absorbing capacity, eight(8)-shaped structure is adopted. By assembling these structures, high shock-absorbing capacity is realized. EIGHT GUARD is named after the 8-shape.


In case of unexpected accident, urgent response is necessary to recover the site of the accident. EIGHT GUARD is designed for easy replacement. So only the damaged EIGHT GUARD parts can be quickly replaced at the site of the accident. A single worker can replace the parts because they are made of aluminum which is lighter than water bag or sand.


Installation is completed just by taking the water bag or sand out from the medial strip area and installing EIGHT GUARD. Obviously, conventional installation method can be used to install the EIGHT GUARD, even in new installations.


We design many application products such as shock-absorption material which can be attached not only to the median strip but also to the front or rear part of the vehicle. These products absorb impact of the vehicle and protect workers' lives in case of collision accidents. We also have assembled the products into the chassis of the vehicle. They are widely used as a shock-absorption material.

Base embedded in the ground type Product mounted on the post type Product attached on the guardrail type
Back GuardBack Guard (Retractable in vehicle body type)
Acquired NETIS Registration Number CB-080027-A
of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

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