TOMARUKUN  (Equipment to forcibly stop vehicles from entering)

Protects workers lives!Equipment to forcibly stop vehicles from entering TOMARUKUN Acquired NETIS Registration Number CB-080028-V of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Collision experiment! It stopped!!

■When folded for storage   ■Deployed

●It can be stored by stacking them.


●Arrow boad is an option.

Basic specifications (Folding type)
Material Aluminum alloy
Molding material for aluminum(100X32)
Baking finish
Rubber Molded synthetic rubber(10mm)
Weight of
main unit
W=800 / 30.0kg

Optional accessory for TOMARUKUN for snow zone, removable studs

■Easy attaching/removing   ■Closeup

●Available for cold snap


●Stopping even on frozen road

STUDS specifications
Material Body:Stainless steel
Studs:Stainless steel
Dimensions 600×353×86 mm
Weight 5.5kg

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