TOPTOP/Promotion of Diversity
Promote diversity
Fully utilize the diversity of human resources
Hanai Company is committed to creating a company where the
diversity of each employee can be recognized, acknowledged and
tolerated, so that they can give full play to their personal talents.
Approved Aichi Women's Brilliant Company
Since August 1, 2022, the company has been officially certified as "Aichi Women's Brilliant Company".

Aichi Prefecture has a system to certify companies that are making efforts to promote women's activities, such as raising awareness among top management, increasing recruitment, expanding job opportunities, fostering women, promoting women to management positions, promoting work-life balance, and creating an environment where women can raise children and care for family members while working, as Aichi Women's Brilliance Company. The system certifies those enterprises that promote work-life balance and create an environment in which women can raise their children and take care of their families during work as "Aichi women's Brilliant Company".
The certification is designed to improve the "retention" and "success" of women in the workplace.