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Product Introduction
Impact Attenuator Pile
Anti collision device for
large vehicle
Wheel fixing device
for vehicle
Safety device for aerial
work platform
Anti Terrorism Equipment
Truck Mounted Attenuator for large vehicles
Under development /Patent pending

This device is designed to mitigate the impact of a rear-end
collision and forcibly stop a large vehicle.

After arriving at the construction site, slide the cushioning part backward and lower to the fixed position, and then lower the vehicle stopping device stored in the cushioning material to complete the installation. The cushioning part absorbs the impact during a collision, and as soon as the it shrinks, the load of the truck will be transferred to the stopping device. The pins and rubber mounted on the bottom force the vehicle to stop in a short distance.
  1. ・Compatible with large vehicles
  2. ・The impact value of a large vehicle at a speed of 80km/h is 4938kJ.
  • When moving

  • When installation is complete