TOPTOP/HANAI’s Advantages
Hanai's Manufacturing
HANAI's Business Cycle

Planning, design, manufacture and sales of safety equipment for road construction

Suitable for all occasions,
creating a safe working environment

As a pioneer in safety equipment,
we know the "safety" that is
truly important.

Repeated tests to
develop safer products

Develop products based on the demands of the workplace
Our products are developed according to the requirements of the field.
Introduce the products manufactured according to the on-site demands.
  • The buffer fragments can be prevented from flying off
    in the event of a collision.

  • Develop the TOMARUKUN instead of ordinary buffer drum!

  • In some cases, impact debris is scattered during the collision and may cause secondary disasters. TOMARUKUN is developed to meet safety requirements and will not fly apart like a buffer drum.
  • I want a high performance product that can replace the buffer drum installed at the front of the road diversion section.

  • Develop EIGHT GUARD that have good performance
    and will not fly away after impact!

  • The number of collisions at the end of road slip roads has increased in recent years. Buffer drums can fly apart and cause secondary disasters, we received the demands for compact products that perform well and do not pose a risk of secondary disasters.
  • I want a rear-end collision cushion that can be installed
    without cutting the vehicle body.

  • We can customize the rear-end impactbuffer according
    to the size of the vehicle.

  • Our BACK GUARD can be designed compactly by using a unique cushioning material. The loading platform can be used extensively without cutting the vehicle body or with minimal cutting.
    Our BACK GUARD is available in three types: FIXED TYPE, PORTABLE TYPE, and RETRACTABLE TYPE.
  • It's dangerous to squat down if you want to fix the tire
    on the road

  • Developed a tire fixing device that can be installed standing!

  • When the vehicle stops on the road, you can install the CAR-LOCK standing without squatting. It will not deviate from the lane during installation, and you can pay attention to passing vehicles, so it is safe.
  • Accidentally drop tools when working
    on the aerial work vehicle!

  • Ensure safety under and above the work vehicle! SKYGUARD&SKYNET.

  • It was developed at the demands of the worker who was involved in an accident in which tools were accidentally dropped and passing vehicles were injured while working on the deck of the aerial work platform. The anti-pinch rod can prevent pinch accidents during construction operations such as under an overpass. By installing a windproof net on the SKYNET, it can prevent tools from falling and concrete fragments from flying away, and provide workers with a safe working environment.