TOPTOP/Product Introduction/Anti Terrorism Equipment|T-GUARD
Product Introduction
Impact Attenuator Pile
Anti collision device for
large vehicle
Wheel fixing device
for vehicle
Safety device for aerial
work platform
Anti Terrorism Equipment
Patent pending
Anti Terrorism Equipment
Terrorist countermeasures agains T-GUARD and inspections!
T-GUARD is a device that can prevent vehicles from maliciously trying to invade the restricted area.
Setting it in front of the restricted area, which can prevent the vehicle from rushing through the restricted area and force it to stop.
It can be disassembled and assembled, which is convenient for on-site installation, removal and storage.
Parking principle of T-GUARD
Vehicle stop function
When the vehicle collides with the T-GUARD, the impact of the collision will hit the T-GUARD to the bottom of the the vehicle.
The vehicle is lifted by the upwardly protruding portion.
The front side of the vehicle is in a raised position and the special pins at the bottom are inserted into the road and force the vehicle to stop.
Dimensions and specifications
Product Name T-GUARD
Model TG
Size W1150×L780×H1100
Net Weight 80kg
Material ss400(iron)