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Product Introduction
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Anti collision device for
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Mobile Vehicle Barrier
Mobile Vehicle Barrier
  • Utility model registration No.3137897
  • Patent No. 4461330
TOMARUKUN is a device that can stop a vehicle that has mistakenly entered a work area and can be stopped safely within the shortest distance. This device not only protects the safety of both road operators and passengers, but also shortens the stopping distance and prevents accidents from occurring.
The previous safety equipment not only failed to ensure the lives of the operators and the safety of the drivers. The fragments of the product would be scattered during the collision and secondary disasters might occur.
In order to avoid such incidents, we combined the features of all the previous collision devices and came up with the final safety device, the "TOMARUKUN".
  • High brightness arrow board

  • Prism arrow board

  • LED arrow board


  • Foldable storage

  • Can be stacked up to 4 levels

  • With wheels

Parking principle of TOMARUKUN
TOMARUKUN is an auxiliary device used in projects such as road restriction to safely stop vehicles entering the working area.
After impact, the vehicle front wheels are lifted by the principle of leverage, and the vehicle's self-weight is used to increase the friction between the bottom rubber plate and the ground to stop the vehicle.
In order to reduce the impact on the driver, the device is integrated with the vehicle and moves and stops at the same time, which can also minimize secondary damage to a third party.
Set speed Stopping distance
40km/h 3.0m
60km/h 8.7m
Test on dry roads and apply the brakes after a collision
(asphalt road)
Test vehicle:
2000cc-class sedan with rear-wheel drive
(Depending on the road surface and accident situation, there may be different effects)
Use Case
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Installation Example
  • Vehicle stopping distance
    When brakes are applied after a collision with a normal vehicle traveling at 60 km/h
    (2000cc class passenger car, asphalt dry road)
Dimensions and specifications
Product Name TOMARUKUN
Model HS-50-B2
Size W860×L1180×H1080
Net Weight About 30kg
Material Aluminum alloy
Crash Test